Stoney Point Carpet Cleaning offers effective carpet cleaning that can treat your residential and commercial carpets. If you are looking to hire a professional and expertly trained technician you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves on cleaning carpets and ensuring our customers satisfaction with all the services that we offer. Our technicians are trained to handle all kinds of carpets and any stains that may be found and need to be treated.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services Include But Are Not Limited to:

Carpet Stain Removal: This is one of the best parts of using our professional carpet cleaning technicians to have stains removed from your carpets. A stain can happen quickly and even if you are able to treat it right away it can leave behind a spot that makes the carpets look and feel dirty. Our technicians are able to pre-treat the stain and remove the stain so that your carpets are left looking their best and the color is uniform.
High Traffic Area Carpet Cleaning: One of the areas that cause concern for many homeowners is the high traffic areas. These are caused when a walk path to and from the room is used over and over again. The carpet fibers can be damaged and mashed down causing them to look flat and unflattering. This can be treated and prevented by having our staff clean the carpets on a regular basis.
Carpet Pet Stain And Odor Removal: If you have a pet in your home you are sure to come across accidents on occasion. The pet stain is only half the battle and they can be tough to treat. They are usually high in acid and that can cause some damage to the carpet if they are not taken care of quickly. The other part of pet stains is that they will leave behind odor that remains even after the visual stain is gone. This is best treated by our high pressure carpet cleaning equipment that is able to get deep in the carpet and the padding and remove the moisture that is causing the odor itself.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning: If you run or operate a business you know that the carpets are going to face a lot of traffic and quite a bit of dirt and grime. People that are walking in a business are less likely to wipe off their feet and are not cautious of what they walk through on their way up to the door. This means that all the dirt, grime and oil that is on the surface outdoors can end up in your business and on your carpets. Our technicians can come in and treat all kinds of stains and spills that may be leaving your commercial carpets looking bad. You want to ensure that your business looks its best so that customers and clients are likely to come back and have a good experience.

Carpet Cleaning in Chatsworth, California

At Stoney Point Carpet Cleaning, our expert technicians are fully trained and prepared to treat your carpets in your homes or office. Give us a call today!